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Home Comforts

1.What size are your rooms?
All our rooms have been designed to accommodate a range of furniture whilst leaving space for our guests to create their own home. Particular focus has been placed on natural light and our en suites incorporate level access showers which promote independence and dignity. All rooms exceed CQC requirements.
2.Can I/my loved one furnish my/their own room?
This is our residents' home and whilst we provide the essential items, we encourage residents and families to personalise their rooms suit individual taste and requirements.
3.Do you have double rooms?
All of our rooms have been designed for individual use however we are very happy to discuss your requirements.
4.Do all rooms have en suite bathrooms?
Privacy, dignity and independence are a fundamental part of Vida's Ethos of Care and every one of our bedrooms includes an en suite level access shower room and WC.
5.Are the bedrooms ever locked?
A resident’s bedroom is their own personal space and can be accessed at all times without restrictions. Of course, our residents have the right to lock their doors if they wish to feel more secure. We will work closely with each resident and their next of kin to promote individual privacy.
6.Are there any gardens?
Both floors at Vida Hall have direct access to outside space. There are two gardens on the ground floor, including a courtyard garden at the centre of the home, as well as access to a terrace on the first floor. At Vida we are passionate about creating opportunities for our residents to access outside space and be part of the local community. Individual needs will be discussed as part of our extensive assessment process.
7.Is the home secure?
Security for our residents is of paramount importance and as such, each house has a locked door policy in place. We assess individual needs and balance meeting and respecting the human rights of our residents with making necessary best interest decisions to support safety and wellbeing. We have put an enormous amount of effort into making Vida Hall feel comfortable and safe, with a modern but homely décor and access to secure, well-maintained outside spaces.
8.Is there a laundry service?
All laundry is done in-house using our advanced "Ozone" technology. We supply families with advice and guidance on what types of materials to consider, to avoid shrinkage and damage. Vida Healthcare recommends the Adkins system for naming clothing. Adkins is a permanent smooth label which is heat sealed to a discreet area of a piece of clothing. It will not fade or peel away and cannot be felt against the skin. Clothing marker pens and traditional iron on labels unfortunately do not last very long when being repeatedly washed and problems identifying clothing soon occur if these products are used. Traditional embroidered and sewn in labels are fine, but they are time consuming to apply. The Adkins system is available to all residents for a small charge.
9.Do you provide bedding or towels?
Yes – we can provide all bedding and towels.

Daily Life

1.What social activities take place?
The Vida Healthcare Wellbeing & Lifestyle team coordinate a range of one to one and group activities which accommodate individual preferences and interests. At Vida, we are passionate about understanding our residents’ life history and how best to link life experiences with social activity and engagement opportunities. This will be explored in detail with the resident and family members during our assessment process.
2.What is the food like at Vida Hall?
All meals are home-cooked from quality ingredients by our in-house catering team. Our extensive menu is carefully planned and offers variety for all dietary preferences and requirements. Breakfast includes a cooked option as well as cereals and a selection of fruit and yogurts. At lunch time we offer a choice of main meals served with fresh vegetables. In the evening we offer a selection of lighter meals. As well as this, snacks and refreshments can be requested throughout the day. Friends and families are welcome to join us if this is requested in advance. There is a nominal charge for guests.
3.Can residents continue to attend their place of worship?
Vida Hall welcomes all faiths and can investigate all types of relevant services at the request of residents and families. Residents are encouraged to continue to attend their preferred services, either with loved ones or accompanied by one of the Vida team when possible. Every effort is made secure local church services in the home depending on availability.
4.Are the bedrooms ever locked?
A resident’s bedroom is their own personal space and can be accessed at all times without restrictions. Of course, our residents have the right to lock their doors if they wish to feel more secure. We will work closely with each resident and their next of kin to promote individual privacy.
5.Are there set visiting times?
No, there are no set visiting times at Vida Hall for friends and family. This is our residents home; friends and family are encouraged to treat it as such and are welcome anytime. as long as the resident wishes to receive you. Visitors wishing to experience a ‘show round’ are asked to avoid early morning and dining times, so our residents privacy and comfort needs are respected.
6.Are there set meal times?
The majority of our residents choose to eat with us at set meal times however we do acknowledge individual requirements, therefore meals can be served at any time, either in resident’s rooms or in one of our communal dining areas.
7.Are there set bed times?
We would always respect individual resident’s routines as this is beneficial to their health and wellbeing. We would never enforce bed times; this is our residents home and residents can choose when they would like to go to bed and what time they would like to get up. This would be explored during our assessment process.

Staff & Care

1.What training do staff receive?
Vida Healthcare is committed to continuous development of our staff and have ongoing training and development plans in place for all. We have a Progressive Training Manager and a Home Trainer available to support staff practically day to day. This approach ensures staff have the skills and the confidence to provide the best possible care and support to our residents.
2.How many staff work in the home?
All houses have varying numbers of staff depending on our residents’ requirements and needs. All current staffing figures are available from the management team upon request.
3.Do residents have a key worker?
Yes, at Vida all residents are allocated a named key worker (care assistant) and responsible nurse/team leader who will work closely with you to support you with all aspects of your day to day needs.
4.How are medications managed?
Robust systems are in place for the dispensing of all medicines. We will work closely with you and your GP to ensure regular reviews and safe management of your prescribed medication. We have locked medicine cupboards in every bedroom wardrobe which will secure most medicines.
5.Can residents keep their existing GP?
Yes, this is of course possible, however we strongly recommend all residents to register with the allocated GP practice. This will allow all residents and families to experience a more consistent service which will include weekly GP surgeries with the same GP teams whenever possible. This promotes continuity of care and improved working relationships.
6.What happens if I/my loved one need to make a visit to hospital?
In an emergency, family will be telephoned and a staff member will accompany the resident until a family member is able to arrive, or until the resident is admitted. For scheduled appointments, if the family cannot accompany their loved one, with notice, a staff member can escort them.
7.What happens if my/my loved one’s care needs change over time?
Vida Hall has four different houses offering a range of care options to support our resident’s changing needs. Regular care reviews and consultations with the resident, family and other professionals are part of the review process, ensuring appropriate placement is considered.
8.Who will you contact in an emergency and how?
The staff will contact the next of kin in the event of an emergency. This will be discussed in detail on admission to ensure the correct information and instructions are recorded in the care profile
9.Who can I contact if I have any concerns?
At Vida we welcome open and honest feedback - good or bad. We have a number of ways you can communicate your concerns: 1. Each house will have a direct dial telephone number so that families can speak directly and quickly to the nurse in charge or team leader. Families can also request to speak to the Home Manager if this is felt to be required. 2. We have comments boxes at reception to offer opportunity to make comments and suggestions in a confidential capacity. We also send an annual satisfaction survey. 3. The Company Complaints policy is advertised in the reception areas. At Vida we want you to feel you can raise any concerns at the earliest stage to support you in finding a resolution promptly and effectively.

Admissions & Finance

1.What are the funding options at Vida Hall?
Vida Healthcare welcomes all residents, irrespective of how they are funded. It is however important to note that the Local Authorities fees do not match the fee levels at Vida Hall, so it would be necessary for the outstanding amounts to be settled via a 3rd party top up e.g. family contributions. More information is available from our finance team.
2.What happens if our financial position changes?
Obviously we want you/your loved one to live a long and contented life here at Vida. Unfortunately, we acknowledge that the provision of high quality care is expensive and we advise that you take the necessary advice from your financial advisers to see if you/your loved one can afford the fees in the long term. If you are worried that funds may dwindle, you should consult with the Social Services Department without delay to arrange a financial assessment. They will ascertain if any funding is available to be claimed.
3.Will I/my loved one require additional funds for day to day living?
All accommodation, care and food costs are covered in the home fees. Additional personal funds would be required for any spending outside of this, for example to use the visiting hairdresser, chiropodist, a daily newspaper or toiletries etc. Personal finances can be held in our “Residents Account” and our monitored strictly in accordance with CQC guidelines.
4.What are the next steps?
If you feel Vida Hall is the right home for your loved one, please register your interest. This can be done by telephone, email or by popping in to see us. We will arrange an assessment to be carried out in order to understand your needs and requirements. This allows us to determine which house will be appropriate to ensure the level and detail of care required.